Food Security

  • October 7, 2022

Project Description

Food insecurity is high in rural Kenya more so thanks to overdependence on rain-fed agriculture which results in routine crop failure due to rainfall insufficiency. The high levels of poverty, chronic malnutrition and low agricultural productivity worsen the situation and render the population vulnerable to environmental shocks and illnesses.


Outdated technology and farming methods coupled with poor post-harvest treatment are constraints to the realization of food security.


NEFOS seeks to identify and promote approaches, technologies and concepts that promote food production and therein food security amongst the communities of operation


Promotion of agribusiness ventures. Promotion of greenhouse farming. Identification and promotion of cultivation of resilient crops for food and sale. Promotion of modern and economically-effective farming techniques. Connect farmers with market for their crops.

Food Security Gallery

NEFOS aims at making giving healthy solution to food production.