Your gift could provide seeds, support the farmers and food producers, help families overcome poverty and help needy orphan and vulnerable children gain education. If you make monthly donation this means, we can plan further into the future.

You can make one-time donations, recurring gifts, stock donations, planned or in-kind donations.

With your £5

We can build seeds and tree seedlings bank to help with sustainability and food security

With your £10

We can maintain a hub where all the pilot projects are carried undertaken and displayed so the collaborating groups can train and learn skills to apply on their own projects thus empowering them to gain their independence

With your £15

We charity will ensure orphans and vulnerable children go and stay at school

With your £20

This will go towards cattle, poultry farming, feeding and vaccines

Any gift donation made in kind

Laptops, books, pens, any learning materials will all go towards the orphans and vulnerable children