NEFOS Charity – a vibrant, peaceful, and resilient Kenyan communities, living in harmony with nature as stewards of the local resources, whose members are able to realize their full human potentials, collectively chart their path for development, provide for their present and future needs, and share equitably the fruits of their labors in community celebrations of life.

NEFOS serves as a platform for and enhanced capacities of Kenyan communities working on environmental protection and food security through responsible and sustainable utilization of local natural resources. Enables communities to achieve self-reliance and self-sufficiency in their basic needs, live in a culture of peace and harmony and organize themselves to deal with forces that impede their development

NEFOS is a secular socio-development organization that visualizes itself as working to empower the rural communities in Kenya to move towards sustainable development through overall increase in their knowledge, skills and capacities in areas that directly affect their standard and quality of life. It visualizes itself as an organization which will enable communities to achieve enhanced socioeconomic status in society through optimal utilization of local resources for the sustainable environmental management and food security.

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Nefos charity continues to empower farmers through various agri-business ventures such as beekeeping in various parts of Kenya. There are about five registered community groups in Siaya and Kisumu counties that are benefiting from the...

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