Capacity Building

  • October 7, 2022

Project Description

More than 60% of youths and women in rural areas are unemployed and lack adequate skills to be self-reliant thus continue to live in poverty. A number of young people mostly in the rural parts of Kenya have little or no formal education and most of the youth started school and at some point dropped out mainly due to poverty. These youths lack adequate skills to be self-employed or seek employment. Through our mentorship approach and substantial partnerships with other stakeholders practically every NEFOS program stresses on “knowledge transfer” or “sustainability”.


The process of improving the skills, abilities and resources that organizations and communities require to survive and thrive in a fast-changing world is known as capacity-building. Capacity building can also be reffered to as institution-building, economic-development and peacebuilding.


It takes place through Individual or group training, whether in person or online, can help people gain a better understanding of a problem.


Reduction of poverty and the empowerment of rural communities in Kenya. To increase the effectiveness of poverty alleviation efforts for rural Kenya through tailor-made capacity building initiatives in the areas of poverty reduction through job creation. Have vocational training in artisanship that is wood work and metal works. Training on income generating activities like bread

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